10+ Do's and Dont's for the Best Casual Fall Style 2018

The fall season is almost here! We know you’re feeling like you’ve got nothing to wear. You’re thinking, “What’s the best back-to-school & back-to-work outfits for fall 2018?” You’re eager to know what’s on trend. Well, look no further than the Zefinka Fashion Blog. <3

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Here are some seriously helpful & handy style tips to help you know what to wear this fall season. 

Fall Fashion Trend Tip #1

Do try trending leopard prints and animal patterns.
As well as these fashionable prints, we will see all the staple colors: caramel, browns, burgundies, reds, and burnt oranges. Play with color until you find a palette that works for you. There's nothing worse than wearing an orange that washes you out, or a brown that's way too heavy for your skin tone. 

Fall Fashion Trend Tip #2

Don't forget to accessorize.
We really can't tell you enough — accessories are the key that all great stylists and bloggers use to make their outfit look better than yours. It's all in the details! Minor changes can make a major impact when put together. Choose dangly earrings and bracelets with chic dresses, belts to make your outfit fit better, boots that stand out and complement your outfit. 

Fall Fashion Trend Tip #3

Do choose drool-worthy boots & jackets
 to wear during the fall season. There are certain awesome staples that must be in your closet; boots and jackets are these essential autumn pieces. 

Fall Fashion Trend Tip #4

Don't get lost in your clothes.
You don't want your clothes to swamp you. It must be you and your personality that shines through, rather than the clothes wearing you. Stick by your signature style. There's a reason it's called «signature.»

Fall Fashion Trend Tip #5

 always check your outfit in the mirror
or with a friend before leaving your house. Nothing takes your outfit from glam & polished to trashy & disheveled more than a skirt that's too short or an outfit that is ill-fitted. It is worth investing in a tailor —it doesn't have to cost you a fortune, who can ensure you're clothes always fit to your body shape. At the very least, wear a belt to cinch in your waist. 

Fall Fashion Trend Tip #6

Don't be afraid to try new styles. 
A new season is full of promise and opportunity. It's nice to clean out your closet and wardrobe, keep your staples, and invest in some key, trending fall and autumn styles and pieces. Keep it fresh girl! 

Fall Fashion Trend Tip #7

Do get inspired by celebrity and runway fashion.
There are a ton of fashion shows where you can see the most-worn fall style. Celebrities are also ones to watch; they have already picked up the must-have plaid pattern. Wear this style in a coat or pant design with subtle hints of gold accessories.  

Fall Fashion Trend Tip #8

Don't forget to invest in cool trending accessories. Fancy statement earrings absolutely make an office outfit sparkle. Because nobody has time to be drab and boring in the workspace. What's more, gold jewelry may just give you the «professional» edge to get that promotion you've been after. 

Fall Fashion Trend Tip #9

Do play with colors and styles for autumn.
This fall will see a flash of metallic silvers and golds in all forms. From boots to dresses and jackets, a splash of sparkle is a sure-fire way to make sure you are looking good this fall. 

Fall Fashion Trend Tip #10

Don't get rid of your summer closet items just yet. You can repurpose your summer dresses and skirts by adding a few extra layers or tights. Add an on-trend print scarf  

Have any other tips we should know about? Let us know in the comments below. 

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