10 Dress Up ideas For a Casual Outing With Friends

These days casual outings are something people love to dress up for. The lack of time availability with people makes even the casual outings special. So women want to dress up well and wear something in which they will feel comfortable and look classy at the same time. The aisles of every clothing store start getting filled up with all the new styles and different colors that will make a statement for the season. With a little know how about the latest fashion trends, you till ace a casual look easily.


The trousers are a real pleasure this summer as this summer we have an interesting trend of flapper pants. The stores and outlets are over flowing with blazing colored flapper pants. These are witnessed as a top trend not only in casuals but also in formal wears. They are loose from the bottom and are very comfortable to wear and they look very classy when worn.


If you live somewhere where you only get short summers, the trends tend to stay in place for the season. The trend of off shoulder crop tops is increasingly becoming famous there. Skirts and crop tops are the latest trend. Jumpsuits never tend to go out of fashion in the west although every year there are variations in the cuts but the overall outfit remains the same. Long frocks are very commonly worn in summers with bright floral prints for casual wears. Women are in love with flowy dresses in summer casual wears.


Apart from this a pair from jeans and a nice laced net top looks very nice and casual for an outing with friends. You can wear a matching or contrasting small or medium sized bag with your outfit. When it comes to wearing shoes keep in mind that a casual outing with friends means that your shoes should be very comfortable to walk in. If you are planning to go to a mall then wear flat shoes or sneakers under your jeans. If it’s a restaurant wear wedges or block heels. Pencil heels will not be a good choice as they will not be comfortable sometimes for many girls. In the end you can add a touch of class to your over all look by wearing a classy pair of sun glasses and a decent watch.


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