10 Easy (And Stylish) Casual Summer Outfits

Although the summer season is not liked by many people because of the extreme heat conditions but women welcome it because they get to wear all those dresses and styles that were not possible to wear in winters.


In the east the casual dresses have a vast range of variety because the summer tends to stay for a period of 6 months. So the fashion tends to change sometime twice in one season. This year starting with the shirts which have been trimmed from long lengths to medium and short lengths. The digital prints that were very common last year are still present in the market but are not as famous as they were last year. This year the attention for casual wear is mostly on the pants. There has been a vast change in the styles of the pants. This year starting with the pantins that were introduced for casual and formal wear both took the spot light at first but just when we were getting used to the idea of pantins there came, flappers which were a total treat to the eyes. Previously flappers were worn in formal functions but this year the trend has changed. This year the flappers are the top trending outfit with small shirts for casual wear. They look flowy and beautiful when worn with heels and they have perfectly managed to replace kapri’s and straight pants.


Moreover this year the latest trending dresses compose of the off shoulders. The off shoulder shirts have gained a lot of popularity. These kinds of trends have also gained popularity because of the increasing trend in body fitness and toning.


Baggy shirts never go out of fashion and here’s a treat for all loose top lovers. Baggy shirts are back in fashion for casual wear. These loose shirts are vanishing off the racks in shops within hours. They are famous for their extreme comfort especially in the hot weather.


Scarves which are an essential part of the eastern dress are catching the attention of the market with the amazing bright colors and digital prints.  Colored scarves with plain suits especially plain white suits for casual looks are the eye catching dress of the season.


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