10 Genius Ways for Making Your Clothes look Designer Expensive

Let's be honest, most of us want to look like a million dollars when we step out of the house, right? We want to emulate the Gigi and Bella Hadid's of the world. However, most of us also do not have the budget for the designer price tags that our favorite celebs and fashion icons are wearing. We might watch the latest catwalk outfits at fashion week but it is unlikely that we will be picking up a few options for the shows!


Good News! We have put together the hottest fashion secrets for making your current wardrobe clothes look designer expensive and it is all totally affordable. Hurrah! We have been scouring the high streets and watching out those women who can seriously put an outfit together and no designer labels anywhere. 


We have been so impressed by how they ever thought of wearing that with that, or layering it with that third thing to make a fashionable, stylish ensemble that we put the tips into a nice blog for you. Read below and find out the top secrets for making your every day (cheap) clothes look designer expensive.


#1. Keep it Simple

The saying less is more is never more true than when it comes to classic and clean fashion. Crisp white shirts and jeans with heels is one of the most favored styles of all our favorite fashionistas and is chorused by all the top fashion bloggers. 


#2. Be Thrifty Chic Savvy 

Dressing head to toe in thrifty clothes is certainly a cheaper way of dressing but take a little time to really know how to pair up your budget bargains. Some of our favorite Instagram accounts of women killing it low-cost ensembles are Patrice J. Williams - @patricejwill | Brandi Walker - @runstylerun | Anna M - @annab34r | 


#3. Costume Jewelry looks $_Mint

Yes, it's true! Tasteful costume jewelry can really lift an outfit and bring some bling and glitz. Imitation Pearls are one of our favorite and totally affordable ways of making our clothes look designer expensive. We do not know why but add a pearl neckless, earrings or bracelet and all of a sudden you are in the elite of fashion icons. 


#4. Be Confident in Your Skin. 

We want you to love yourselves and love the skin your in. When you feel confident, you look a million dollars. Embrace your shape and size and wear clothes that accentuate your best features and cover any areas you may feel a little more conscious of. Gok Wan inspires women every day with his fashion advice — check out his top tips to feeling more confident - https://youtu.be/_YZlQEvEYkg  



That's it, simple — right? Check out our favorite outfits below inspired by real women making thrifty fashionable. AND if you purchase anything in store — post a selfie wearing your purchase to any our social media account with the #hashtag #ZefinkaOutfits and we'll give you could win your cash back to spend it again! Even more ways to save

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