10+ Glamorous Looks : The Hottest Bodysuit Trends

Bodysuits have recently begun to gain rapid popularity, due to being the preferred item of clothing, for the atheleisure trend as well as for a casual look, among the influential celebrities. Bodysuits are essentially garments similar to leotards, but made of a much more breathable material. They cling to the curves of the body, highlighting the contours at the same time. A few ways to make the bodysuit work for you are:


1.       Tuck your worries away!

The best feature of a bodysuit is that it provides a comfortable fit, and makes almost everyone look great, as it flatters the curves of the body. It seamlessly provides a tucked-in shirt look, and you can rest assured that there will be no annoying bunching along your jeans or your skirt, which is a problem one often has to face when trying to tuck in shirts.


2.       Keep it simply, silly

A bodysuit looks best when paired with simple patterned bottoms. Crazy patterns and motifs, will distract from the elegant simplicity of the bodysuit, which is what makes it special. However, pairing it with a funky choker or a statement necklace, while keeping the rest of the outfit on the simple side is recommended, just make sure not to overpower the look of the bodysuit.


3.       Customize!

The bodysuit is a versatile garment, you can easily pair it with a pencil skirt, high heels and a blazer or jacket for a professional and formal looking feel. Or pair it with shorts, or ripped jeans with stilletos, which would make it perfect for a night on the town in no time!

You can paint the town red, with the amount of customizations you can make to your bodysuit, to give it your own personal touch.


4.       Take your style pick:

Bodysuits are not limited in terms of the amount of styles they come in. You can even combine current trends and pair a luxe fabric such as velvet, suede or a silk bodyuit, to make for a perfect on-point outfit. Bodysuits also come in a variety of styles, such as lace-up for a more exotic look, as well as button downs for a casual look and even slip and tank style which makes for a more glamourous look.


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