10 Most Breathtaking Jewelry Trends in 2017

Who told you that you can’t wear this or you can’t wear that? Try Grandma’s diamond ring as an ear cuff, and that stud for your ear. Wear jewelry this time with a hint of rebelliousness and heirloom worth wearing jewelry. You must always do something that you want to do no matter what people are saying. If you want to wear that jewelry in a different kind of way then do so without hesitation!


·         Pick an embroidered silk jacket for yourself along with pants and leather belt. Try on diamond earring or white gold as a nose ring. There is no hard and fast rule that you can’t wear a ring as a nose ring. Also, add a choker around your neck and look like a sexy rebel. Leave your hair open to give you a beautiful look.


·         How about wearing a denim jeans along with black sleeveless top? Also, wear a white gold or diamond necklace on your shoulder. Do something which looks different as well as cool. When you were a little girl, didn’t you ever wonder about mix matching your mom’s jewelry? Do it now with your own! Or you can still fulfill your childhood room.


·         Linen melange jacket with a linen and cotton belt Wear lots of rings. In fact, you can wear two rings in each finger as there is an option of mid ring as well. Also, wear a watch on this dress to look sassy and classy. Put on some eye liner to look bold and beautiful.


·         Wool vest over a coat and bottom includes goat leather skirt. Wear a white gold necklace on it. You can also go for diamond, platinum, and tiffany.


·         Wear cotton denim jacket, lace shirt and fitted leather skirt to look hot. Diamond, white gold or sapphire earrings are great option to wear. Also, wear a white gold bracelet in your wrist.


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