10+ Perfect Street Style Ideas with Denim Shorts

You know one of those fashion items in your wardrobe that you’ve had for years and continue to wear and love? Denim shorts are exactly this type of wardrobe item. Whether you’re going out for a casual hang out with friends in the summer or packing for a vacation, your denim shorts can’t go overlooked. Whenever you need to look your most attractive and still stay comfortable all the same, denim shorts offer just that.


Variety of Denim Shorts

You can find a diverse variety when it comes to denim shorts – there are Bermuda shorts, ripped denim shorts, skirt + shorts, mid-thigh shorts, denim shorts with embellishments, embroidered denim shorts, rolled up denim shorts, and so much more. You can pick your favorite style and make it your regular-wear item!


Plenty of Ways to Pair Your Denim Shorts

Apart from variety, denim shorts are incredibly fun to pair and style. You can literally make anything work with them as long as you have a little fashion sense. If you feel like wearing a button down shirt, tuck it in your denim shorts, put on some Converse shoes and you’re set. If you want to wear a long shirt, you can always let it cover your shorts for the ultimate hot look. If you want, you can even pair your denim shorts with a fancy blouse and some flats to look more feminine than chic. One of our favorite looks is pairing denim shorts with a plain tank top and leather or suede jacket on top – it’s chic, it’s street-ready, and gorgeous!


Denim Shorts Go with Many Colors

Don’t be afraid to experiment the color pairing when it comes to denim shorts. You get a lot of freedom because denim shorts match with any color. You can go for neutrals like white, black, or gray or go all out and choose bold and bright colors like yellow, red, orange, and hot pink. We also particularly love the combination of denim shorts with pastel colors – it’s a soft combination that rules.

Any way you choose to wear your denim shorts, a girl can never go wrong with them!


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