10 Style Tips On How To Wear A Blazer: Outfit Ideas

The story of blazers doesn’t ends in winters, blazers made up of a good and light fabric are worn in the summery season as well. Blazers are available all over the world in huge variety of fabrics and mesmerizing colours that attract our eyes at the first look. If you have a blazer in your closet and don’t know how to pair it up, here are some ways that will definitely help you out and make your find the best pairings suitable for many occasions.


Casual cotton blazer: I don’t think many of you have tried this style yet. A candy coloured blazer in long sleeves can be teamed up with a white top beneath it and a pair of black trousers or straight pants. Orange colour is a bright one and doesn’t need a lot of colours to pair it up with because if you do so, you’ll lose the outfit balance. A statement necklace with big chunky and colourful beads is all you need to make you look complete with a soft makeup.


Semi-formal: Wear a white blazer over a monochromatic outfit beneath it. You can pick a complete back pair of pants and a black top and team it up with a white blazer. This idea is really basic and can help you dress up in look time and still look hot at a semi-formal event.


Formal attire: Are you looking for an office attire? Or a dinner date is planned for the weekend? Or is a cocktail party with your colleagues? If you are looking for a hot new style to wear at a formal event then this outfit idea is for you. Team up a lime coloured blazer with a white off-shoulder top and a black skirt fitted nicely around your bottom. A pair of shiny statement earrings, a nice necklace and mix and match handbag makes you look sexy yet elegant. Ps. don’t forget your watch because you don’t want to get late looking this sexy. Do you?


Over a dress: The most feminine look you’ll find amongst all the styles is wearing a blazer over a dress. Did that surprise you? It surprised me at first too! A nude coloured blazer can be worn over a white lace dress, short in length. This outfit is perfect for a spring evening and speaks for itself!


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