10 Summer Fashion Mistakes to Avoid

Summer is about fashion as much as it is about the sun, surf & sand. Let's get a few things straight so you don't lose friends this summer because of your poor fashion choices. Here's what NOT to do.

  1. Don't wear shorts that are too short & tight
    Shorts should be longer than your bikini bottom — otherwise what's the point? You want your shorts a reasonable length and a great fit not so tight they suffocate your lady parts. That's not fashionable or healthy. Always check with a friend or a mirror to ensure your arse is not hanging out the bottom. This is never a good look. 

  2. Don't get roasted all day long
    While it is nice to get some Vitamin D, there's no need to roast yourself until you get skin cancer. Plus the second-day burn is no fun for anyone. There are so many options for tanning lotions if you want the golden bronze look. Don't destroy your skin in the process.

  3. Don't wear too many clothes
    It's summer. As much as you love your booties and coats, it's time to shelve those bad boys until next season. It's fine to take a hat or kimono throwover but leave your jeans, jackets, and ankle boots at home. 

  4. Don't forget your hat 
    Your skin will thank you later. Choose a wide brim hat with a material that blocks UV rays. There are many styles of hats to choose from. Try them all until you find one that reflects your personal style. If you hate hats, pack an umbrella. 

  5. Don't go out without a change of outfit
    Summer is full of spontaneous getaways. Always be prepared. You never know who you might meet. 

  6. Don't go too heavy on the makeup
    Believe it or not — the most attractive look is a fresh face with 'barely-there' kind of makeup. Don't get lost under your makeup. Dressing up is fun but let your face feel the sunshine once in a while. 

  7. Don't match everything
    Shoes and bag are okay to match but anything more is overkill. Nobody wants to see you in head to toe red with red lipstick and a red dress with red shoes and a red handbag. Too much. The key is to include subtle splashes of your favorite color. 

  8. Don't wear full briefs with tight pants or skirts
    Nobody likes to see your undie line. Check yourself before you wreck yourself. If pants are tight or the material clingy or sheer, opt for a g-string underwear or the kind that offer no lines. 

  9. Don't wear ill-fitting clothes from 5 years ago
    We know you have your favorite denim jacket from years ago and that's fine because it will now look like a vintage jacket you picked up at the thrift store. We're talking about the pants with the saggy bottoms and the dress that's too short and too tight now. It's time to let go and embrace new seasons and new opportunities. 

  10. Don't wear fashion just because it's trending
    We all know how gorgeous celebrities and Instagram models look wearing the latest fashion but remember that most often they are PAID to do so. Never blindly follow trends. Pick a few key pieces that work with your signature style. Afterall everybody loves you for you not if you are wearing the same jacket as Kim.

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