10 Ways to Wear the Lace and Net Tops

The world of fashion is changing with time. Every week there’s something new to offer to the market. This year we are here with net tops and lace. The fashion of lace has emerged once again in the souk. These laces are delicately designed and styled and look extremely elegant when worn. If you are a professional woman with a good career and want to put an impression on people go for a beautiful laced top and that too in black or white.The beauty of laced tops and net tops is that they are available in almost every color and net tops give you a perfect summery look. Wear it with a pair of jeans and you are ready to rock a casual or a semi formal look. the net fabric is very commonly used in formal wears these days. A large variety of long and short gowns are seen in formal wear made out of net. There are a lot of varieties in net ranging from printed net.


Laces were very famous back in the 1880’s and were an essential part of the English women’s outfits. Then slowly and gradually the trend came down to shirts and tops. Laces are added to tops to make them look more formal and elegant.  They are also used to enhance the beauty of the outfit. Laced tops these days have laced sleeves and sometime a patch of lace work in the shirt. Lace is also used in ruffled tops just to increase the volume and the beauty of the tops by adding flair to it.


These days laced tops are also available in off shoulder tops and laced off shoulder tops are gaining quite a lot of fame in the fashion market. Laced tops can be paired with short skirts and jeans. They also look lovely with long skirts if you like some flair.


Net tops can be worn with pants and jeans and they also look good with short skirts. Net tops look fabulous when worn in contrast with pants. Net tops and laces give a very feminine look and make you look different and elegant no matter what event you are wearing them to.


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