12 Ways to Wear Purple to the Next Wedding

We will be seeing a lot more purple, now that it's the Pantone color of 2018. There are shades from deep mahogany to pretty lilac and each can be styled in its own way. Here are some great ways to wear purple with style. 

1. Purple Coat: We all want it to be summer already, but while it's still snowing and cold outside, get yourself rugged up in a stunning purple jacket or coat. No need for any color pairings, it looks simply gorgeous on its own.

2. Silky purple blouse: There's something extra special about purple silk. It gives off the feeling of importance, confidence, and an artistic genius kind of vibe. Try out our stunning purple silk blouse today — you will be amazed at how good you feel.

3. Hot purple pants: If you're going to a festival — purple hot pants are a must! A bold new way of showing your creative side. This is one way to be sure to stand out from the crowd. Embellish with sparkly jewels and you are ready for Coachella.

4. Pretty violet dress: We've been seeing these style dresses take over the runway this season. Go bold or go home. Try color blocking head-to-toe in purple for extra style points.

5. Deep purple skirt: Pair a fresh, crisp white collared shirt with a deep purple hue for a modern, edgy look.

6. Pastel Lilac: Pastels are going to be huge this season! Get on board with dusty, pretty, feminine shades. For a vintage rock look, pair with a contrasting black leather jacket, or edgy white sneakers.

7. Lilac Suit: We're still not so sure about this one. We've seen Lady Gaga rock the lilac suit but we're not convinced.

8. Purple accessories: If you're not 100% about the purple trend, try dipping your toe in the water with subtle purple accessories. Try a bright purple clutch or velvet purple boots for a vintage glam style.

9. Color clash Purple & Red: Surprisingly, these colors work magic together! What a dream team! Try a stunning 'look-at-me' red, red dress and pair a purple jacket for a stylish-looking match made in heaven.

10. Colored purple lenses: Sunglasses are having a moment with colored lenses. Try adding a purple tinge to your rose-colored glasses. We can't say you'll be seeing unicorns but you will look as magical as a Coachella unicorn!

11. Jeans: No longer are denim jeans the standard. Jeans are available in every color imaginable and we love it! Think hippy 60s style. It's time to have fun with fashion!

12. Purple silk wrap: Pairing a silk wrap in a stunning royal purple will have you feeling on top of the world! Put in on and it will instantly transform your outfit into something the front-row fashionistas would wear. 


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