13 Fabulous Looks Guys LOVE: Top Sexy Outfits From Zefinka

For anyone who's ever wondered what to wear on a date or wanted the real deal on which dresses and shoes guys find sexy. Here are 13 dude-approved outfits from zefinka that are guaranteed to win him over.

1. There's something about a tan woman radiating her angelic beauty in an all-white dress—and it's courageous, especially if she's drinking red wine!

angelic beauty of women in white boho dress

2. I guess his wardrobe weakness would have to be a tight-fitting skirt and heels.

sexy cocktail strappy slinky dress

3. The laid-back style tells that you're happy, you're comfortable and you are confident about herself.

sweatshirt warm and cozy

4. A girl in a tight camel dress is both cute and sexy—which is the ultimate combo.

cute suede dress business style

5. In a casual setting he very intrigued when a girl is not showing too much. Maybe she has a loose cashmere sweater, jeans and shoes.

sweet sweatshirt with cakes print+jeans+shoes

6. Crazy high red heels with bright red dress help him notice a woman instantly.

red ruffle dress with crazy red heels

7. There is just so much to be said about a woman who has the confidence to own a room in an elegant black dress with black heels. As a man, you know you need to convince her you are worth a second date.

black dress open back

8. I love when a girl is able to add a splash of red or vinous into her outfit, whether it's in the lipstick or her heels.

cute pink midi dress with vinous heels

9. Cropped black top with skinny jeans is so sexy and intriguing.

sexy crop top with skinny jeans

10. Tight black jeans or leggings with beige heels: It's the citified, winterized version of summer's Daisy Duke shorts look.

Skinny Jeans Ripped Black with beige heels

11. A black, white, red scheme is more classic and therefore attractive to him.

white simple color dress with zip

12. A minimal color palette seems to get his attention more than something that is flashy or peacocking.

cute princess dress for date with high low bottom

13. Blouses that have the lace details? Its one of the best inventions ever.

black lace blouse with pattern fabric