18 Bodysuits That Will Be Your Spring Wardrobe Essentials

The bodysuit has undoubtedly gained the respectable title of wardrobe staple. This fabulous fashion item is not only available in just about every silhouette and style, but also makes styling your spring outfits a breeze. You can simply slip them into your favorite ripped jeans, skirts, or high-waisted cutoffs for a pretty and effortless look. 


Don't just take our word for it… all you need to do it take a peek at the catwalks and fashion magazines to see our favorite celebs and models strutting their bodysuit styles. The streets of fashion month have been full of them, layered under everything from camisoles to sundresses or worn with pride in a simple jeans and heels combination. 


The reign of the cropped top is now over. Say goodbye to vest tops that just never seem to stay fully tucked in and embrace these wonderfully practical clothing. What's more, our fashion world has also embraced the newest growing trend and designed them in an unimaginable amount of colors, cuts, patterns, and materials. 


From basic to bold styles, from cheeky cuts to cheeky slogans, we rounded up the 18 most stylish bodysuits ensembles that will surely become your wardrobe inspiration this Spring. Of course, the snap crotch feature is not for everyone — public bathrooms can become quite a mission — but as with all things female, we put up with it for the style!


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