1990's Fashion: How to get the '90's style today!

What goes around, comes around is a term often used when referring to Karma, but we believe the phrase should have been coined for fashion. Like with so many fashions the 1990's looks have started making their way back onto our high streets and we for one are well up for it! 

The 1990's saw many different fashion genres emerge. The grunge movement from the gritty streets was being seen everywhere, with models Kate Moss and Amber Valletta being famed for the  wild child 'heroin chic' images. Hip-hop style and looks were in full swing and bright block colors were very trendy.  Even the film Clueless pathed the way for the preppy sexy school girl that was popular in the 1990's (and thanks to Gossip Girl continues). So why have these fashions made a comeback, didn't they die out for a reason! 

The Crop Top
Made famous in the 1990's by popular TV show Saved by the Bell, singer Gwen Stefano, girl band TLC and, well basically every girl in the 90's. Even Britney got her tie up school shirt fashion perfect for Baby, Hit Me One More Time (1998). Crops have been making their way back since the summer — and it makes sense, right? Summer means heat so a little less fabric seems feasible, but now we are seeing these cutesy tops worn over dresses, shirts and bretton tops — and they look fabulous! 

Gwen Stefani in one of her many cropped tops outfits. Saved by the Bell started the cropped top fun amongst the youngsters in the 90's TLC rock the crop tops on the streets and at the shows

Camouflage or Cargo 
Camouflage and cargo were huge in the 90's. Destiny's Child (when they were still a four) really made camouflage on girls acceptable and cool. We saw cargo pants, crop tops and DM's boots and who could forget Demi Moore kicking ass in G.I. Jane — we all wanted to look like her in our military inspired outfits! Hooyah!  

The Hip-Hop Style
The 1990's saw a surge in the distinctive style of hip-hop fashion. Anyone not in the “girl next door” or “gritty street grunge” camps were usually found getting their unique funky style on. Many girls trying to imitate the confident and oh so cool style of Lisa Bonnet or the soulful Lauryn Hill. Hip-hip is all about big, baggy, and bold colors. 

Destiny's Child in cargo and camouflage Lisa Bonnet looking smoking in her hip-hop fashion of 1990's Lauryn Hill brough hip-hop fashion to the 1990's with style

Clueless School Girl 
Cher Horowitz had the down-lo on the preppy school girl style way before Blair Waldorf! As soon as the film was released in 1995 checked, pleated mini skirts (basically a fashionable netball skirt) and knee high pop socks became the biggest trend for many girls around the world. Once the cutesy outfits were mastered all that was left to do was decide which Sweet Valley High twin you were — Jessica or Elizabeth! 

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