20 Fall Outfit Ideas That are Anything but Boring

Fall is here and there are only so many sweater-jeans combo's you can wear right? Although this classic look is a winner all fall long, sometimes you just want to change it up a bit and basically not look boring! We have all seen the autumnal colors worn on the high streets and at social events but as we have some time before winter, we think it is time to style it up a bit. 

Fashion bloggers such as Julie Sariñana of SincerleyJules or Alexandra Lapp of AlexandraLapp know how to bring some unique style to their Autumn wardrobes. We have turned to them, as well as our top celeb fashion icons, to bring you our favorite steals from their amazing fashion ensembles. 

We love their flare for color and the ability to bring patterns and print into their wardrobes effortlessly but with such an impressive impact on our eyes. Polka Dots and military prints are featuring highly and we can see why — they look great. But they are not afraid to up the color chart with bright and bold picks. 

It is not just the clothes that have our droolig over their outfits. Oh no, these ladies know that to create a look that is anything but boring — just add accessories. Hats, bags, jewelry and scarfs are all easy and affordable ways to take your outfit from zero to hero in seconds. You do not need to run out and start buying up a whole new wardobe but some carefully place bangles, a fedora hat or neck scarf can elevate your oufits to new levels. They give you that fashion edge that will make you stand out against the crowd. Women will want your fashion style and men will want to get to know you. 

Never forget your hair, makeup and nails. A decorative hair pin or pretty shaped nails can really polish off the look. Stand in front the mirror, look at yourself and then apply a gorgeous deep red lippy or rich chocolate brown — we promise you, you will be amazed at the transformation. Take your time and play around with what suits your look the most. Hair up, or hair down… stud earrings or dangly ones...loud costume jewelry or a simple delicate bracelet. You will definitey look anthing but boring.

When it comes to affordable outfit inspiration, Zefinka is the place you need to go!

Check out the fall outfit ideas we stole from the fashionistas that will have you looking anything but boring and how you can copy them right now. AND if you purchase anything in the store — post a selfie wearing your Zefinka purchases to any of our social media accounts with the #hashtag #ZefinkaOutfits and you could win your cash back.

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