20+ Trending & Affordable Coats, Pants, Jackets, and Scarves for 2018

It's tricky to find the perfect fall outfit for back to school and back to work. We have sourced the best fashion essentials for fall. Read on to discover inspiration for stylish outfit ideas this fall. 

Coat Style 
The perfect coat is one worth looking for. As usual, the caramel trench coat is a staple fall wardrobe essential. A tan ¾ length trench coat pairs perfectly with any outfit and keeps you stylish and warm. The plaid pattern continues to impress, with features on many coats with an oversized vintage but cool feel. For something a little sassier, go for a leather coat — hello date night!  

Perfect Pants
For the perfect pair of pants, you first need to know and understand how to dress for your body type. For those with a pear-shaped silhouette, try the high-waisted style with sweet tie up features. If you’re a rectangular shape, you want pants with bold prints and lots of volume. Think ruffles and bold floral patterns and styles. If you’re conscious of your legs and want to avoid attention to this area, try the trending vertical striped pattern and wide leg features. Pants are a great choice when worn correctly for your body type.

Best Jackets
For all the hottest fall trends you just have to take a quick look at Instagram or YouTube. Bloggers, influencers and models have been spotted sporting stylish designs and styles that will have you frothing for more. Think blazers with fluffy teddy-bear like materials. Oh so cozy! I want one now.

Sassy Scarves
The humble scarf accessory is one of the most underrated fashion apparel items. While it is extremely versatile and can be used for sun, wind, and rain protection, it also doubles as a headband, waist belt, or handbag identifier. If you don’t have a gorgeous chic scarf for fall, now is the time to get one! Take the lead from iconic fashion goddesses like Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn and pair with stylish sunglasses.  

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