21 Ways To Look Not Boring And More Chic At The Office

Who says what you wear to the office has to be bland, boring, and dull? We think workplace fashion is one of the most challenging yet fun concepts to master! As long as you know how to do it right, you can make your office attires fun and chic without compromising on that sophisticated professional look. Here are a few ways you can add life, color, and fashion to your office attires!

Stay Classy with Classic Office Fashion

If you want to look feminine but professional and powerful, it’s best to opt for the safest yet most stylish option: a skirt and matching jacket two-piece suit. The look and style this outfit provides is incomparable! Pair it with some chunky heels and you’ve got the perfect look to slay at the office.

Mix Bold Colors with Neutrals

Wearing extremely bold colors in entirety can be a little over the top for the workplace but that doesn’t mean you avoid them completely! If you choose a single bold colored item and mix it with neutral colors, you can look colorful and professional all the same. For instance, try a hot pink formal shirt with black jacket and trousers!

A Little Jewelry Goes a Long Way to Add Style

If you think jewelry isn’t for the workplace, think again. Jewelry is completely acceptable as long as you know how to pull it off. Wearing a single item of jewelry is ideal – maybe slip on a bracelet, wear a fancy watch, or wear a locket that matches your outfit. Stud earrings are great for the workplace! The only jewelry you need to avoid is the kind that jangles – otherwise, any piece or two is great if you want to add a little style to your look.

Stay Polished, Stay Chic

One of the main rules for looking your best and ultimately ready is to look polished. This means manicured nails, tamed hair, neutral or light shades of makeup, polished shoes, ironed clothes, and run-free leggings – as long as you’re properly polished, you can make any outfit look amazing!

If you know how to do it right, office fashion can truly be a fun challenge and also help you give off a great, properly prepared kind of look at your workplace! Also remember to maintain subtlety and balance and you’re good to go.


Of course Victoria Beckham wears color


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