25 Trendiest Blazer Outfits for Fall 2017

This shouldn't be news to you. Blazers are the “go to” fashion item of clothing this Fall. Long gone are the traditional blazers for formal wear. The market has exploded with fresh and trendy designs to allow you to spin this classic work staple into every wardrobe look imaginable.


Designers have brought us collarless, oversized, military style and floral embroidery. And when it comes to blazers, the fashion world is actively encouraging us to roll around in our own creative juices and see what outfit our brains spit out the other end. We see blazers being paired with bohemian dresses and denim shorts, and the women wearing these unfamiliar combinations look fabulous.


Such freedom to match, or mis-match, your blazers can be exciting but also daunting to some. Do you stay traditional and just dip your toe into the unexplored or do you throw all instincts out the window and show your wild side, hoping you haven’t overdone it. This season’s variety of styles, fabrics, eclectic prints and cuts definitely has something for everyone. Don’t worry, we are here to help you navigate through them all and find what works for you.


Whether you are looking for professional power gal chic or street style swagger, we have put together fashionable looks that you will want in on. We have watched the fashion shows, scoured the celebrity wardrobes and kept on top of all the buzz to bring you the 25 Trendiest Blazer Outfits for Fall 2017!



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