4 Ways to Look Great when Working Out.

There is a distinct possibility you're not putting the same amount of effort and thought into how to dress for the gym as you do for work, a wedding, or even an average coffee date. And why would you? You're going to the gym to work out. Your primary goal is sweat like a pig and run or lift, or spin until exhaustion! And the development of tight gluteus maximus of course!


However, do not underestimate how motivational cute, stylish activewear can be. Getting into your new gym swag has been said to encourage the wearer to get out there and get sweaty. Whether you are looking to drop a dress size, bulk up your muscles or even meet the person of your dreams — the right workout clothes will bring positivity and help you achieve this.  


Unfortunately, gym clothes usually range from should-be-thrown-out t-shirts to futuristic performance gear designed for pro athletes. So how do you, a regular woman, pick something that'll make you look hot, feel comfortable, and avoid looking like you dressed in the dark? Zefinka.com have 6 tips to keep you looking good before, during and after your workout. 


Tip 1: Flatter Your Figure: Workout clothes are designed for all figures, and finding the cuts that suit your own body shape is our number 1 tip for feeling confident. If you are looking to drop weight or bulk muscles, you will change the cuts as you get closer to your goal — showing off the new you proudly. 
Tip 2: Add Color: So many of us believe that dark colors are the best choice for our workout wardrobe, but bringing colors into your workout clothes bring vitality and playfulness. You will be surprised at how bold colors bring out your own bold side and a determination you didn't know you had. 
Tip 3: Pick Up Prints: There are a plethora of lively prints to choose from. Prints can be extremely flattering and if you are on the self-conscious side they are a perfect option for you. They draw attention to the print and can change the dynamic of the wearer's body. 
Tip 4: Suit Yourself: Buy activewear that suits your body. If you need extra support for a large chest or need dry-fit for excessive sweating, pick up the right gear for you. Gym clothes are technically the best they have ever been and it is well worth taking advantage of the new materials and support available. 

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