5 Chic Ways to Wear Silk Camisole

Chic style is easy to pull off with a silk or satin camisole. Check out our hot fashion tips on how to master the camisole trend so you step out in a effortlessly fabulous outfit, every time.

Camisole and jeans were meant to be worn together. This is a casual, chic and pretty effortless outfit to pull together. All you need are your trusty jeans (preferably ripped to give the outfit a little edge) and a satin camisole. Simples! Footwear can be anything from sandals to sneakers to stilettos — they all work with this super easy ensemble. Opting for a sassy lace fringe camisole or selecting a beautiful burgundy or envious green colored cami looks great and adds extra style to your overall look.

Leather jackets and camisoles are a perfect pairing, when you stick to silk or satin materials. They shine together. The sleek style the leather against the seductive silk or satin fabric of your camisole is a smooth look. To master this completely we suggest that you avoid lace features and go for white, ivory or pastel camisole colors as leather tends to be on the dark side. 

If the weather allows; go bare with your camisole. Camisoles look best when worn without a bra. Or at least give the illusion that you are not wearing a bra. There are many options to support and cover your breasts without having bra straps ruining the overall look of your camisole outfit. If you don't have any problems go bra-less, and gravity has been kind dare to go bare. But, please remember that protruding nipples are just socially embarrassing — if not for you, then almost certainly for the people around you. 

Layering a camisole is not only fashionable, it stylishly keeps your warm and allows you to get on-board with this trend but without revealing too much flesh. Long sleeved, high neck tops are the way your master this look. Contrast your colors, a white top with a mustard yellow camisole for example. We find that silk camisole are great for this look as they tend to flow easily over another fabrics (none of us want accidental bunching to ruin the outfit). Then add, shorts, skirt, jeans of pants… it all works. 

White and ivory camisole are sophisticated and elegant so you can even get away with wearing one to work. Pair with a lovely bright blazer and then -and this is best bit — when you are ready to hit the town for a few after work drinks all you need to do is strip off that jacket and you will look hot as hell in your delicate camisole. Perfect! 

Have a scroll through some our favorite outfits that highlight the above 5 chic ways to master the camisole look. From the high streets around the world to our favorite savvy fashionistas and top lifestyle influencers. We hope they inspire you. 

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