5 Office-Appropriate Ways to Style Up Your Favorite Jeans

Wearing jeans in the office? What??!!! Not so fast though. Some of you might think jeans are a big no-no when it comes to work attire, but in some (dare we say it) modern businesses wearing jeans to work isn't that bad — when styled professionally. If you are one of the lucky ones who’s able to wear jeans to the office without causing a fuss, take full advantage. They are comfy and let's face it, more fashionable than most traditional office ensembles. 

Style Up with a Blazer - This is probably a very obvious style up suggestion but that would be because it works, every time, without fail. We would not be the fashion bloggers that we are without including this Top Tip. What we do bring to the table though, is the cut and style you should opt for. Firstly, as you will want to keep the blazer on through the duration of the day, you need something that is lightweight and relatively loose. We do not mean baggy but gives your room to move and not feel caged in by it — you will be wearing it for 8hrs after all. 

Style Up with a Shirt - Again, this is probably a very obvious style up suggestion but there are some key factors in choosing an appropriate shirt. Crisp white never fails! Tailored shirts only if you plan to wear them untucked. High collars or buttoned collars provide a smart appearance (even with ripped jeans — if you dare). If you are opting for a tucked in style keep the shirt short to avoid unsightly bulging around the waistline. A belt works also works well with this style. 

Style Up with a Sweater - A well-fitting sweater can look great with jeans and heels, and present a professional, office-appropriate outfit. Avoid anything baggy as this could look for sofa ready than work ready. Bright colors are gorgeous with jeans and draw attention to the sweater. Go minimal on the patterns or textures for a polished look. 

Style up with Accessories - Accessories can transform any outfit and the overall look of an ensemble. Jewelry, whether necklaces, broaches, or earrings can style up jeans. Do not be afraid to go chunky or use bold colors but avoid that over-the-top look by minimizing to one item, or two that compliment each other. A beautiful neck scarf brings a smart and chic element to your outfit, and if worn in the hair looks super stylish.

Style Up with Lace or Ruffles - Lace and Ruffles always look classy and elegant. Lace tops or blouses with ruffles will style up your jeans effortlessly and the great thing about this style tip is that most tops and blouses can be picked up at extremely affordable prices. Whether you decide to wear flats or heels with your jeans, your top with will bring the neat and tidy feel that you need for an office appropriate outfit. 

Check out our favorite office appropriate outfits below and try them yourself. AND if you purchase anything online — post a selfie wearing your purchase to any our social media account with the #hashtag #ZefinkaOutfits and we'll give you could win your cash back to spend it again!

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