5 Stylish Ways To Style your Classic White Long-sleeve Shirt

The classic white shirt is a wardrobe staple, but often gets overlooked or pushed to the 'office-only' section. However, this common clothing is actually more fashionable than you may think. There are so many awesome ways in which a crisp white shirt can make the perfect ensemble. They are fresh, chic and extremely versitile. 

We have 5 stylish ways to style up your white long-sleeve shirts to make the most of their understated wardrobe staple.

Bring elegance to distressed denim. 
Whether you are wearing summer time cut off shorts or ripped full length jeans in the fall, distressed denim is transformed with a crisp, bright white shirt. Decisions on whether to tuck or not to tuck can be made depending on your mood and the occassion. 

Layer up with refined style.
Fresh white shirts are a great option when layering up. Whether you wear your shirt over or under other garmets they allow for a wide range of different looks to be made. High collars with a round neck sweater give a edgy look, but turn them down and your preppy side it now on display. So many styles from one humble shirt.  

Accessories can have a major impact.
We are so pleased to see that more and more importance is being placed on accessory selection. They are a easy and affordable way to really change the look of an outfit. Opting to wear multichains and a plunging neckline is one style but a pearl necklace around a fastened top button is an altogether different style. You can be a different person from one day to the next. 

Impact an ultra high waist.
When most women look in their wardrobes for what to pair with ultra high waists, a shirt is not often their first choice — too worried about bulging and bunching fabrics. However, they are actaully a great option if you have the right cut. The crisp, clean, brilliant white shirt works well with high waists so a powerful and professional style. 

All white is alright on the night! 
We all know the impact that an all white outfit has. No matter where you are, and what social event or walking down which street, an all white outfit has a huge impact. All heads turn to look at the stunning and stylish outfit. Pair your shirt with a pleated skirt, white jeans or palazzo pants and we promise you there is no way you can go wrong. 

Check out out 5 Stylish Ways To Style your Classic White Long-sleeve Shirt in action below — we hope you are inspired. AND if you purchase anything in the store — post a selfie wearing your Zefinka purchases to any of our social media accounts with the #hashtag #ZefinkaOutfits and you could win your cash back.

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