5 Useful Tips to Being A Stylish Hot Mama This Summer

We are here to tell you that just because a woman enters into motherhood it doesn't necessarily mean that looking great has to take a back seat. Of course, it certainly takes second fiddle to the beautiful bundle of joy that has been excellently incubated and brought into the big wide world, BUT there are some great tips to fast and easy styles for Moms on the go. 

 Although we would not blame any mothers that slip into sweatpant oblivion, we want to give you some practical advice so that you can go from bedhead to glamourpuss in record speed time. After all, it's hard work being a Mom! Giving birth, constantly worrying, running on minimal sleep, tantrums, and soul-destroying crying can really take it out of a woman but at least with our help, you can relax and know that when stepping out you will look great. 

Hot Mama This Summer #1
Swap out those comfy sweatpants for just as comfy, but a hell of a lot more stylish, drop-crotch pants. These beauties are so on trend right now and can be paired with so much. Keep it casual and comfort driven with flats but if you want to add glam then heels work great. On top, the world is your oyster; simple tees, off the shoulder blouses and loose sweater are all compatible with drop-crotch pants. 

Hot Mama This Summer #2
The maxi dress is a mama's best friend. Maxi dresses are ideal as there is no need to find both top to bottom for the day. They are often made from loose, light fabrics, making them extremely easy wearing. And what is our very favorite reason to opt for a Maxi dress? — they are super affordable! Some are pricey, yes, but there is an excellent range of good quality options at prices that won't eat into the nappy budget. 

Hot Mama This Summer #3
Simplify makeup and hair. Regardless of whatever pre-mom routine was in place, it's a good idea to work out what the makeup essentials are. This had the Zefinka office was split between mascara & lipstick, but a simple dusting of bronzer could be just the thing. Working it out reduces the hassle, and time, in choosing between a plethora of colors. Remember less is always more. And having a go-to hair up; French Twist, Plaints, Bun, will ease the stress of unwashed hair. 

Hot Mama This Summer #4
Pick up some bright colored or beautiful designed accessories. A gorgeous head or neck scarf can transform a simple tee and jeans outfit, and don't limited them to head and neck, Wrap them around an old dull bag or use them as a funky belt. Get your hands on a bold colored Fedora or Bowler hat for extra style appeal and without a doubt, grab some costume jewelry — a fun, trendy and affordable way to glam up quickly.  

Hot Mama This Summer #5
Our last tip for Being A Stylish Hot Mama This Summer is to know your best features and bring them front and center to bring attention to them. If you have lovely long legs, stick on some denim cut-offs (or skinnies if you haven't had time to shave). If you have luscious lips or a pearly white smile, add deep red lipstick. Adore your elegant top line? — then opt for an off the shoulder number. Why not flaunt what your mama gave you! 

Below are some examples of how to put these tips into practice. AND if you purchase anything in store - post a selfie wearing your Zefinka gear to any of our social media accounts with the #hashtag #ZefinkaOutfits and you could win your cash back.

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