6 Style Tips On How To Wear Palazzo Pants

Palazzo pants are wide-leg, loose-fitting, flowing pants that were extremely popular back in the ’60s and ’70s. However, they have back in a big way. It’s almost impossible to go on open a fashion magazine, go to a fashion blogs or even check out what your favorite celebrity fashionista is wearing without seeing at least one fabulous outfit that includes palazzo pants in a glamour, yet completely effortless outfit.


Women often shy away from these style of pants as they feel they are too short. or have too many curves, or no curves at all! Whatever your stature and figure these pants will suit every woman if you stick to a few simple style tips. They are the fashion tricks of the trade and we at Zefinka want to share them with our readers so you can all be inspired to get out there a get yourself a pair. 


Here are our 6 hot tips: 


Try the classic look of palazzo pants and lace. Lace seems to be the most complimentary material to pair with this sophisticated legwear. We don't know why but it just works.


Make sure your palazzo pants are the right leg length for you. The biggest mistake with these items of clothing is that women wear them too long or too short. They must feet your leg and cover the heel considerably for the desired look. 


Wear the right waist fitting for your shape. Palazzo pants are wide from the thigh all the way to the ankle so the fitting element must come from the waistband. Ensure that your band flatters your frame rather then divulges it. This is more simple than you think as the bands come in different depths, heights and thickness. 


Shy away from mixing patterns with palazzo pants as there is so much excess material. Mixing pattern has been on trend recently but not for this type of outfit. It just looks messy. Pair solid palazzo pants with a patterned top or visa versa. You can even pair solid color with solid color, but not two patterns. 


Palazzo pants are designed to give a long elegant leg to your body so choose your footwear carefully. Although some daring souls have worn palazzo pants with sandals (and they often have the superior pins for it)  — we would recommend a form of heel. Nothing that could get caught in the hem though. 


Finally, wear what ultimately suits you and your personal style. If you like floral them pick a bright floral pattern. If you prefer a more professional look — pair with a blazer and silk singlet. Have fun and try something a little different but if you feel uncomfortable you will look it and trust me, these pants will make you look a million dollars if you are confident in your choice of ensemble. 


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