7 Must-Try Ways to Style A Basic White Shirt (Tee)

Nothing looks better than a crisp, stylish white t-shirt. We show you the trendiest ways to style your tee and make you feel fabulous all day long! 

Casual tie up

A white tee is guaranteed to freshen any outfit. For a more casual style, tie up the bottom into a sweet knot and it will accentuate your waist.

Pick a meme any meme

These days it’s a lot easier to get your message across loud and clear. We see dozens of celebrities with their chosen war-cry printed across their t-shirt. It doesn’t have to be serious, you can choose a picture or slogan that will bring a smile to strangers as they pass by.

Tucked into skinny jeans

If your favorite white t-shirt is getting a little snug; no worries. It’s time to reinvent your old white tee. Tuck in your white shirt to your skinny jeans and voila! You now have what looks like a bodysuit. Right on trend. Even better — a bodysuit tucked into skinny jeans will not only make you feel fabulous but it also makes your waist look smaller! Win-win!

With a pocket and rolled up sleeves

For a sweet, stylish, chic look, try rolling your sleeves a few times. A white shirt is fresh and looks great with any pants or skirt. A little tucked in and a little left out makes your outfit look a little grungy, casual, and stylish.

Under overalls

For a vintage, preppy vibe, wear a white t-shirt under a pair of overalls. No need to worry if your shirt has a few stains, or looks a little old. Under overalls, you can get away with any style of shirt.

Try a crisp tee with nothing else

Your significant other will be sure to be grateful if you were only a white tee for breakfast. It won’t matter what type of cook you are when he gets a peak when you bend over to grab the saucepans.

Oversized over a bikini or swimsuit

Who needs a kimono when you can use a sheer, oversized white shirt. When you’re on vacation and need to cover up to go to the bar to refill your margarita, just slip on an oversized white shirt. If you’re boyfriends nearby, steal his!

All white outfit

Choose a white tee with a cute pocket or interesting material for a slightly different look. If you want to look and feel like a celebrity, try wearing all white. Just be sure not to get chocolate smears over your fresh white tee ;)

If you have any more suggestions as to how to style a basic white tee, let us know. We’d love to hear from you!

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