7 Ways to Dress up a Casual Outfit

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So the most obvious and effective way of dressing up a casual jeans and tee outfit is by the shoes. We all know what a great pair of heels can do. The height, the color, the amount of glitz! However, do not forget the power of a flat sandal or awesome boot! 



A pair of glasses can utterly transform a casual outfit. Whether you opt for thick-rimmed tortoiseshell spectacles or mirrored sunnies, you will see immediately the effect they have on your otherwise plan ensemble. 



What a difference a scruffy bun or a fishtail with diamond hair clip can make to your cozy casuals. Colorful hair clips, funkily designed bands or glittering stone pins will give you a totally different vibe — depending on what you opt for. 



That is not really always the question! The question is what belt? Belts have the fabulous ability to draw attention to your bust, waist or hips. They do so subtly and effectively so when choosing your belt, ensure that it not only creates the style you want but flatters your amazing figure. 



Undoutably one of the most fun ways to dress up a casual outfit is with over the top jewelry. Bring big bold colors to a simple tee and shorts or allow a delicate necklace to hang softly in the plunging neckline of a casual shirt. Rings and bracelet can be adorned to glitter in the light or anklets for cropped pants. 



Fedoras have become the most recent must-have item for the upcoming Spring and Summer seasons and we can see why. They are stylish, trendy and come in a plethora of colors for all occasions. We love them and think that every girl should have at least one Fedora in her collection. 


#7: BAG IT UP.

Bags are not only a practical way to carry our much-needed belongings. they are a fashion statement. There are so many designs, sizes, materials and cuts that no matter how casual our clothes are — our bags will create the outfit we want.


How do you dress up yours? Can you share your top tips with us? 


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