8 Style Tips on How to Wear Checkered Pants

With the tailored look becoming popular as we move into fall, checkered or plaid pants are not only a top trend. They are comfy (yes!) and can be paired with different items to make a number of stylish and unique looks. 

A must-have for the girl who likes to make a statement, checkered/plaid pants offer the ideal way to add style and personality to an outfit, casual or formal. Whether you go all-out with a bright color combination or desire something a little softer and plain, patterned pants will add simplistic fashion to your autumn/winter wardrobe. 

But how do you wear a pair of pants like this without looking like an extra from the 1970's? Well, it’s simple really: if you are going loud checks or tartan keep the rest of your outfit fairly neutral, letting the pants take centre stage. If you prefer the plain but sophicated high waisted checkered pants… also keep the rest of your outfit fairly neutral, letting the pants take centre stage.

Checkered pants look stylish with almost all footwear. Whether you choose to wear them with a stunning lingerie silk top and heels or a highneck sweater and pumps they are perfect. Such a versatile and fashionable item for your wardrobe, you can start to see why we think they are a MUST-HAVE for your autumn/winter wardrobe. 

When you are going neutral and plain on top you can add a little panazz to your hands, head and hair. Hats, head scarfs and accessories are a fabulous way to bring another layer of unique style to your outfit. The checkered pants works so well with these accessories. Don't just believe us. check our the celebs and styles bloggers who are also banging on about the humble checkered pants and just how awesome they are. 

Check out our favorite checkered pants outfits below and how you can copy them right now. AND if you purchase anything in store — Post A Selfie wearing your Zefinka gear to any of our social media accounts with the #hashtag #ZefinkaOutfits and you could win your cash back.

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