8 Tips to Master the Model-off-Duty Style

Rule No. 1 — Sneakers can go with everything
Wearing sneakers with absolutely anything, and we mean absolutely anything, is the trendiest new style that has been paraded by our models over the last year. It does not matter whether you are wearing a chic cocktail dress, wide palazzo pants or a tracksuit — sneakers can and should be worn.
Rule No.2 — All Black Outfits Need Texture!  
We all love an all-black ensemble and models, in particular, like to wear this classic colors but what makes this potentially bland outfit shine is the interplay of different textures. Add leathers, faux furs, beads, sequins — whatever you choose add complexity and layers to the otherwise dark background. 
Rule No. 3 — A leather jacket is your Wardrobe Essential
A leather jacket can be added to any outfit to bring style, fashion, and impeccable taste. Leather comes in a variety of trendy colors to help match it with any ensemble. However, we find the most fashionable models will mismatch wherever possible so be bold and pop on your leather jacket no matter what else you are wearing. 
 Get the Off Duty Model Look
Rule No. 4 — Go Double Denim
Some people may have their reservations around double denim but models have proven that the way to master the art of double denim is to mix up a variety of washes and shades. Lights and Dark, Distressed and Tailored. 
Rule No. 5 — Bold Colors Never Fail to Impress
When in doubt, get the bright colors out. Style it out like the model trendsetter by adding a splash of bold block color to your outfit. One well-placed item of clothing or accessory in a bright, eye-catching color can elevate an entire look.
Rule No. 6 — Rock the Boyish Look
Ruby Rose is one of our favorite fashion models and she rocks the boyish look like no other. Let's face it, we love burrowing our boy's tees or sweaters so take it one further with a complete ensemble designed to give you the ultimate fashion male model style. Keep an eye on your man wardrobe and copy that look. 
 Get the Off Duty Model Look
Rule No. 7 — Clash your Prints
Our models love to show how to push the fashion boundaries and nothing is more daring than to mix up your print patterns. Go wild with leopard print and bohemian designs and match your brightest floral designs with geometric prints. We have seen countless of pattern-clashing street-style inspiration this season. 
Rule No. 8 — Have Fun with your Fashion! 
Ultimately just have a little fun with your clothes and yourself. If you like it, walk out the door and tell anyone who looks your way «its the latest off-duty-model» look. They will look on with awe to your fearlessness and wish they could look like you do.  


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