9 to 5 Style: Summer Business Casual Outfits

Looking presentable in the office can be hard enough, then you add in the heat of the summer and it becomes a morning battle you could do without, right? Even those ladies that are lucky enough not to be bound to an office have to think about suitable attire for business meetings.


This summer we're turning to some of the chicest catwalk trends and street styles to guide you through the process of putting an outfit together that's professional, stylish, and perfectly suited for the warmer monthsAs the temperatures sore you remain cool and looking fabulous. 


One of the best things about summer is the after work drinks. And what we all need when this sensational social wave sweeps over us are business casual outfits that can be worn out straight from the office. Not only do we know you want to look great during the day but with a little bit of lippy you can be on your way from the desk to the off-duty drinks. 


We have put together how to bring a little glamour to your work attire with the addition of handbag sized accessories, be able to change up your office outfit quickly with an extra layer — or in some cases the removal of one — and be ready quick as a flash look your best without needing to go home first. 


Check out our favorite business casual outfits below and tell us what you think? We would love to hear about what you wear.  AND if you purchase anything in the store and post a selfie it to our social media with the #hashtag #ZefinkaOutfits we will give you your cash back to spend it again!


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