9 Ways To Make Your Waist Look Smaller

For once, the curvaceous feminine figure is being showcased. Fitness trends have helped accentuate the trend for a small waist and perky butt. Hooray! Here are some tips to make your waist look smaller.

We can thank celebrities like Kim, Nikki, Beyonce, and Rhianna for bringing the curvy, feminine figure back into popularity! Want an enviable hourglass figure like these women? Try these tips and tricks:  

Wear a belt
A belt will accentuate your waist. It does this by drawing the eye towards that area, and creating the illusion of a gorgeous hourglass figure. You play with belt sizes, colors, and decoration. Try a skinny belt and tuck in the end for a fashionable, chic look. 

Try a midriff top or corset
Wearing a midriff top or corset helps highlight your waist. If you wear high-waisted pants or skirt it will also help your waist to look higher and smaller. We've seen celebrities like Kim Kardashian pull this trick time and time again. And there's a reason — it works! 

You can try all the clothing tricks you like, but there's no doubt that exercise will also greatly help your appearance. Plus it gets all those endorphins (the feel-good guys) running around your body, oxygenating your blood. Work on building up your upper body and chest to help your waist look smaller. Exercises as simple as bike riding will help shed those extra kilos.

Dark colored pants/skirts
Wearing a brightly colored top with a unique pattern will do wonders for your figure. Especially when worn together with dark denim or black pants/skirt. A darker color slims your figure and with a brightly colored blouse or tank top, the eye is drawn towards the color, thus making your waist look much smaller. 

Bodycon design
There's a reason all the Kardashians are seen constantly wearing bodycon, figure-hugging dresses, skirts, and pants.  Bunched up clothing never looks good and it doesn't help your appearance one bit. A smooth silhouette combined with neutral colors helps immensely. It gives you the perfect hourglass figure.

Try to keep any busy patterns or designs out of your wardrobe. Neutrals work best when creating a great feminine silhouette. You want a solid block of color that continues from shoulder to knee, which will accentuate your small waist and hourglass figure. 

Color block
There's a reason you often see celebrities like Nikki Minaj wearing block colors and vertical lines. Vertical lines placed right can help your figure look a certain way. It can give the appearance of a tiny waist and booty that everybody will be jealous of. 

Use a corset or slimming undergarment 
There's a reason an entire market is devoted towards slimming waist trainers. They work wonders! Wear under a body-hugging dress to help your waist to look smaller. It helps to boost your confidence because you know you can fit that extra dessert in and not have to worry. Thank you stretchy material!

We've mentioned exercise, but squats are so beneficial they get a category of their own. Squats will help give you booty an added lift and perkiness to it. This, in turn, will help your waist to look smaller. Combined with all the tips above, you're sure to create an enviable killer curvy silhouette. Smile and the world is yours! 

Any other tips you use on a daily basis? Let us know. Give us a shout out on social media!

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