9 Ways to Spice up your Work Wardrobe This Week

From the runway this season, we’ve seen an array of color, texture, and styles that will look amazing in the office. It’s time to say goodbye to bland, boring, and dull in the workplace.

It’s time to say hello to bold, beautiful, and workwear. Here are a just a few ways you can add spice, color, and life to your office attire!

A little planning goes a long way 
Fashion is fun, fearless, and a great way to express yourself. It’s challenging to put together a stylish, work-appropriate outfit on those mornings when you’re grabbing your coffee & toast and rushing out the door. So, we’re here to help you look professional, polished, chic, and extra stylish for work.

Polish your look with a classy style
The last thing you want is to look ‘thrown together’ when you arrive at the office. You want to be remembered as feminine but professional. Polished and powerful with a little sexy on the side is the look and style you want to achieve. 

Mix materials to freshen your look
Try mixing your materials for something different. A silky, flowy top with a structured skirt or pants works wonders. Similarly, if you a wearing a delicate skirt, try a more fitted top and unique suit jacket. 

Choose quality pieces
A must for the office is a stylish suit. With many options to choose from, opt for a classic style that will last many seasons. Invest in quality style and it will look after you for years to come. With styles from vintage, ultra-feminine, traditional, classic, preppy and more, you are sure to find a style that reflects your personality. 

Select a few key bright, colors
No need to avoid bright, bold colors, but choose a select few rather than head-to-toe fuchsia pink. Unless that’s your unique style — in that case, go for it girl! Try an all-black outfit with a hot pink blazer. Another option is a bright red camisole with a casual black blazer. 

Stand out with florals and prints
Who needs to blend in while in the workplace when you can stand out for all the right reasons?! During spring, opt for beautiful floral patterns paired with a sleek pencil skirt or slacks. There are many floral patterns and designs that look great for work, including suits in bright, bold fashionable patterns. 

Build a capsule wardrobe with neutrals
A professional style will start with basics and neutrals and then build a complementary color palette, perfect for the office. There's a reason Victoria Beckham and other celebrities are always wearing black, gray and white, or shades of white, cream, and beige. If it's good enough for Hollywood, it's good enough for us. 

Invest in quality Jewelry
You don’t need to bedazzle to dazzle and impress your work colleagues. Wearing 2-3 items of jewelry is perfect for the workplace. A simple delicate necklace and matching earrings and bracelet work wonders for office wear. Especially when you want to take your office outfit from day to night. There are so many options for unique jewelry, don’t stop at the basic gold or silver. Try a hand-made beaded piece or stones that glimmer in the light. Different is the new trend. Explore your style and don’t be afraid to set the trend.

Attention to Detail
Dress for success. There’s a certain knack to ensuring your office style is work appropriate. It helps if you remember to make enough time to get your nails done, style your hair and makeup, and wear interesting shoes and accessories. Consider your final finished look before you rush out the door to your office meeting. You want to give off a vibe of effortlessness beauty but actually look polished and tidy. If you dress as if you are the manager, when you get that promotion, it won’t be any surprise as you already look the part!

Below is some on-trend office inspiration so you’ll never be stuck wondering what to wear on Monday morning. Let us know which look is your favorite.

Have a fashionable week at the office and be sure to show us some social media love!

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