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Our Current Obsession: Emmanuelle Alt

Emmanuelle Alt is the editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris and though not as flamboyant as her predecessor Carine Roitfeld, her french rock chic is captivating. We LOVE her style and think you will too.

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31 December 2018  Fashion News & Magazine

Suzanne Spiegoski: Our Favorite Lifestyle Blogger

New York City's Suzanne Spiegoski is a blogger, photographer, novelist and a huge inspiration. Posting about her daily adventures, fashion and beauty, health and wellness, food and recipes and travels, we love her creative content. And we think you will too.

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29 December 2018  Fashion News & Magazine

1990's Fashion: How to get the '90's style today!

What goes around, comes around is a term often used when referring to Karma, but we believe the phrase should have been coined for Fashion. The 1990's look is making a huge comeback and we are well up for it!

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26 December 2018  Fashion News & Magazine

20 Things We Love About Christmas

If you are like us, you love the Christmas holidays. Time for fun with family and friends, and of course, lots of festive food. Here are 20 Things We Love About Christmas and we think you will agree.

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24 December 2018  Fashion News & Magazine

Why Partywear shouldn’t be just for Christmas.

Once you have found this season go-to glamorous flock to rock the festive season, what will happen to it next? Will it see the light of day again? Waiting for the next big event? Party-wear shouldn’t be just for Christmas — it can live on in everyday fashion.

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22 December 2018  Fashion News & Magazine

How to Dress Like a Million Dollars (when you are totally broke)

Looking like a designer fashionista doesn’t always mean you have to spend a fortune on your wardrobe. Read on to see our top tips on how to dress like a million dollars, when you are flat out broke.

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19 December 2018  Fashion News & Magazine

Our Festive Season Party Dress Collection

The party season has only just begun but if you are like us, you already feel like you have run out of things to wear? Fear not friends, with our brand new collection of stunning party dresses you wont have any issues finding something special.

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19 December 2018  Fashion News & Magazine

Leather Jacket Outfits: 20+ Inspirational Ideas

When it comes to personal style, there is one item that says it all — a leather jacket!!! Women around the globe are styling leather jackets in a multitude of ways. We have selected the hottest outfits and how you can copy them.

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15 December 2018  Fashion News & Magazine

Fashion Influencer: Janelle Marie Lloyd (and why we love her).

Janelle Marie Lloyd killing the Instagram game with her fashion-forward feed and super fly girl image. Say hello to the fashion professional-turned-blogger who we just can't get enough of right now.

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12 December 2018  Fashion News & Magazine

Faux Fur Leather Pants are Awesome!

Leather pants, faux of course, tread the fine line between fabulous and fashion faux pas. It comes down to two things; the style of the pants you buy and what you decide to pair them with. Read on to see how to do it right!

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10 December 2018  Fashion News & Magazine