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How To Rock Leather At Work : Chic Office Outfit Ideas

Leather isn’t only for days when you’re in mood for a very cool and rocker chic image. Leather, when done right, can look way to professional too.

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14 February 2017  Fashion News & Magazine

Girly Trendy Outfits : Best Off Shoulders Tops Looks

Welcome the spring with bare shoulders and open arms. Yes we are talking about off shoulder tops the latest trending fashion.

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13 February 2017  Fashion News & Magazine

Top-12 Best Cozy Coat Looks This Winter

Coats come in different variety and styles and they are used differently depending on the environment, so spice up your winters and bright some sunshine in your life.

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10 February 2017  Fashion News & Magazine

Luxury Style With Belts by Zefinka

A belt is one of the elements that has always been widely used irrespective of the prevailing fashion trends and they will always walk with pride and honor in the fashion parade.

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09 February 2017  Fashion News & Magazine

Mermaid Blankets Warm Fashion Trend

Who said you couldn’t wrap yourself in a blanket and look stylish at the same time? Try a mermaid blanket and you will feel the vibes of a fashionista flow right through you.

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08 February 2017  Fashion News & Magazine

Cute and Stylish Tank Top Outfit Ideas

The tank top has been a standard piece in everyone’s wardrobe, but did you know the number of ways you can style it into an amazing outfit?!

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07 February 2017  Fashion News & Magazine

Dress Guide According To Your Body Type

Short, petite, stout or broad, you need to know how to dress properly to accentuate your best features and look amazing no matter what dress you choose to wear.

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06 February 2017  Fashion News & Magazine

Styling Tips Directly From The Runway

There is so much to learn from runway collections. Ingenious layering, grosgrain ribbons, designer accessories and so much more… if you want style inspiration to mold your own ensemble and look like a million bucks, here are a few amazing styling tips you could steal directly off the runway…
Layering is hot this season. Try layering your tank top under an off shoulder top to look ultra-chic and extremely modern. If you want you can take things a little further by trying on a long sleeved shirt under an off shoulder top. Just make sure whatever you choose to wear underneath fits you perfectly more like second skin.
And that’s not all for layering. If you feel like making your bustier work for you over the clothes then go ahead and layer a thin t-shirt with a bustier and pair them with jeans or harem pants. Cutoff trousers and jeans with frayed denim hems would look great with them too.
Another one for the layering… if you want your crop tops from the summer to work in fall or winters, layer them over a proper button down shirts. Of course you could pair them with slacks to make the ensemble look appropriate for the office.
If you’re feeling funky and want to experiment with your ensemble to create a fun-loving and playful look, go ahead and crisscross ribbons on your midriff with a crop top. Remember to go for low waist skinny jeans or jeggings to complement your innovative look.
Statement Earrings
Statement earrings are all the rage for this year. Well they might be taking over just now but we for one have loved them always. And that’s certainly because statement earrings look absolutely wonderful when worn on their own. Off shoulder tops, strappy blouses or tanks and button down shirts, statement earrings look absolutely wonderful no matter what they’re paired with. By the way, did you know designers were hinting towards wearing mismatched statement earrings this season? Well if you own a few pairs to spare, why not try the look yourself? You won’t regret the look you create.

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03 February 2017  Fashion News & Magazine

Styling Tips To Wear Chic Jackets

To look the best is every woman's dream. As soon as you enter the world of fashion, different opportunities open up their arms to welcome you.

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02 February 2017  Fashion News & Magazine

Fall Fashion Cheat Sheet: 10+ Beautiful Looks

Even in this blistering cold winter, you need to dress up impeccably and according to the current fashion to make sure your style statement doesn’t define outdated.

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01 February 2017  Fashion News & Magazine


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