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Top-5 Chic Jacket Trends This Winter

Winter season necessitates warm clothing but that does not mean you can’t be warm and comfortable in style. Jackets for women are a great solution to adding more chicness to your style all the while staying warm from the weather.

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Colorful Floral Dresses: Summer Addict

For years and years, floral dresses have been a favorite of women, especially in the summer – and for good reason, too. Floral dresses, full of color and vibrancy, are perfect for the summer.

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28 December 2016  Fashion News & Magazine

What To Wear For Weddings: 12 Wonderful Dresses Ideas

Dressing up at weddings can be remarkably fun but it’s always best to make sure you’re dressed well and properly for the occasion so here’s what you should wear to different types of weddings.

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27 December 2016  Fashion News & Magazine

12 Looks of Casual Summer Dresses - How to Layer Them Perfectly

Casual summer dresses are a must-have for any woman. Own dresses made for casual sunny summer days but don’t know how to layer them appropriately for the right occasion? We’ve got you covered.

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26 December 2016  Fashion News & Magazine

25+ Style Looks On How To Wear Strapless Dresses

A popular trend in women’s dresses has always been sleeveless or strapless dresses – ideal for women of all ages, because of the elegance they reflect.

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23 December 2016  Fashion News & Magazine

Long Split Maxi Dresses – 14 Perfect Looks for Exotic Travels

There’s something about traveling that demands you wear something just as exotic as your destination – which is why long split maxi dresses are a must have item for any woman who’s going traveling!

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22 December 2016  Fashion News & Magazine

The Social Media Trend: Top-12 Fashionable Looks with Emoji Printed Shirts

Social media is everywhere so it’s definitely not a surprise that it’s making its way into street fashion as well. The recent trend of emoji printed shirts and sweatshirts is taking the streets by social-media storm!

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21 December 2016  Fashion News & Magazine

Winter Trends : How to Style Your Knitted Crop Tops

When you mix summer styles into winter fashion, you get clothes that are perfect for wearing in the fall and winter, with plenty of amazing ways to pair and style them – one such apparel is the knitted crop top, part comfy, part stylish.

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19 December 2016  Fashion News & Magazine

The Best Fashion Tips for Wearing and Pairing Your Short Overalls

Long overalls are cute but short overalls are even cuter and recently, the trend for wearing short overalls has become quite popular. Jump on the bandwagon by following these tips on how to wear short overalls and how to pair your short overalls with the best fashion items.

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16 December 2016  Fashion News & Magazine

Why Faux Leather Belts Should be Your Favorite Accessory

When it comes to fashion, accessories are a must have. Within all these accessories, one of the most important accessories you need to have is a faux leather belt. These belts can bring together so many outfits, it’s amazing!

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15 December 2016  Fashion News & Magazine


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