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The Best Chic Fashion Trends to Follow This Fall

Don’t feel like on top of your fashion wits this fall? There’s nothing to worry about, we are here with top 4 fashion trends to follow through the fall of 2016, making sure you don’t look and feel like ‘out-fashioned’.

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15 November 2016  Fashion News & Magazine

Top-12 Looks with The Classic Red Dresses

Red dresses are always in, making you look as cute and pretty or as hot and attractive as you want to look! Regardless of what occasion it may be, a red dress is always fitting.

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14 November 2016  Fashion News & Magazine

Think Sequined Clothing Isn’t For You?

The fashion of sequins has been around for a long time and remains embedded in the fashion world ever today, making it an everlasting trend that everyone should indulge in every once in a while.

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13 November 2016  Fashion News & Magazine

Plush Ball Sweaters: The Cutest Trend This Winter

Plush ball sweaters are rapidly becoming one of the most popular trends to wear so it’s safe to say this will be the cutest trend this upcoming winter season!

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10 November 2016  Fashion News & Magazine

Leather Pencil Skirts Are Now and Forever

There are pencil skirts then there are leather pencil skirts, the superior of the species that have been ruling the fashion world for more than 60 years.

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09 November 2016  Fashion News & Magazine

Fashion Trends that Rock: Women’s Jumpsuits and Rompers

A classic example of women rocking men’s fashion attires is that of jumpsuits and rompers. Any woman that boasts a stylish jumpsuit looks amazing and it’s an added bonus that they feel so comfy as well!

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08 November 2016  Fashion News & Magazine

The Off the Shoulder Trend and the Many Ways You Can Make It Work

There was a time when off the shoulder tops were extremely in fashion – and now they’re not only in fashion but also considered a wardrobe essential. From dresses to tees, blouses, and sweaters, off the shoulder is a style that works across many fashion basics and you can make it look hot and sexy, sophisticated and formal or sweet and preppy as you like it.

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07 November 2016  Fashion News & Magazine

Backless Dresses and Their Stunning Appeal

With their sultry slash stunning appeal and lots of diverse styles available in the fashion market today, a backless dress is a wardrobe essential for any woman who loves staying fashionably dressed.

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01 November 2016  Fashion News & Magazine

Formal Button-Down Shirts for Various Fashion Trends

Men are forever wearing formal button-down shirts in a traditional style but when women decide to wear them, there are many ways they can make them work! You can look hot and attractive, prim and professional, or preppy and sweet deciding on how you wear them.

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Street Style Meets Sporty Style

Sport street style is a fun and imaginative trend to indulge in and if you particularly love looking casual yet chic, this trend is definitely for you.

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