A Model Lesson in Wearing Lingerie Outside the Bedroom

Top Fashion Models like Ciara and Karlie Kloss know exactly what they are doing when it comes to the latest fashion trends so why not take inspiration from the girls who do it best. We, at Zefinka, have plucked out our favorite outfits and how you can copy them to look stunning wearing your lacey lingerie in public.


The art to this «dare to bare» trend is to balance out the provocative with elegance, wear sassy seduction with streetwise flare and bring oodles of confidence, not forgetting your fun side. It can be a fine line between trendy and trashy and this has never been more relevant with this new fashion craze.


Our fashion models are always sources of inspiration. These ladies live fashion and are always the first to bring a new trend from the catwalks to the streets. What they seem to do so effortlessly; is take a designer runway outfit and place a typical high street spin on it — making it easy for us to copy and work our own off-duty-model look. 


Look stunning and smart with a lace lingerie bodysuit paired with a satin pants suit Bring some french period chic to lingerie inspired ensemble with white french lace

Caira and Karlie Kloss both opt for different styles here with their lingerie outfits but both are utterly stunning. Ciara wears a seductive lace black bodysuit under a smart satin pantsuit which produces an elegant chic evening ensemble. Karlie Kloss has brought a French-gothic style to her lacey lingerie outfit at the BRIT awards this February — who would have thought sneakers would be the perfect footwear! 


Below are the outfits we think prove that wearing lingerie outside of the bedroom is fashionable and fun. Take a walk on the wild side, try these out and tell us what you think. Or better still post a photo to any of our social media sites — we would love to see them! 


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