As much as we look forward to fall, because, hello? Pumpkins, Aesthetics and Halloween! Most of us will reluctantly admit that it is really hard to find accessories that can be worn in the fall season. The reason for this is simply due to the style of clothes that are worn during autumn.

Our closet is transformed into light knits, high necks, thick cottons and a whole lot of coats. This makes it really hard to look for accessories that would stand out in fall fashion outfits. If accessorizing has been your problem this fall, worry no more. We have put together an amazing list of fall-friendly accessories that you can rock this season!

Link and Chain jewelry

Source: Zefinka

Highlight of Fall Fashion 2019, Chain jewelries are really making waves with huge statement designs and funk-laden styles. Hot girl summer came and now it’s time for Funky Lady Fall to step through. Link jewelry give you that natural vibe that lets you know your outfit is complete, without much stress. Necklaces, dangling earrings and bracelets with intricate chain designs and link styles are the epitome of fall accessories perfection.


Source: Pinterest

These babies hit the scene early this fashion season and we are loving them! They are perfect for your fall outfit because they multiservice as belts for your jeans and thick fall pants, as well as purses to keep your hand-items. Perfect for when you don’t want to pull a bag around for the whole day.

Vintage scarves

Source: Zefinka

Always and forever should be the tagline for vintage scarves. They work wonders with your spring outfit, look better with your summer dresses and now, they will be the perfect addition to your fall turtleneck outfit. This season, stay off the normal radar and go for vintage silk scarves for that additional touch of finesse.


Source: Zefinka

Accessorizing in fall asks for a lot of uniqueness to make your style befitting for the season. Headbands are your go to option then, they sit right atop your head in such a beautiful and dainty fashion that they catch the attention of any and everyone who spots them. If you have the resources, you can get headbands to color coordinate with your outfit options this fall.

Fancy totes

Source: Zefinka

Tote bags have been around since forever and they are here to stay! This season go all extravaganza and get some oversized tote bags to complement your heavy outfits. If it is down your lane, get some funky, bejeweled bags and have fun with your style this season!


Accessories can make or break your outfit. This fall, let your accessories piece your outfit together –like the cherry on the cake, or ice cream or whatever your favorite cherry-laden condiment is!

Have fun this season and be as adventurous as the weather allows!


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