Ball Gowns Fashion Trends

Ball dances were a French and English tradition which became a favourite form of entertainment for the people but as we move forward in time this trend has been perishing or reduced to one ball function in a year. Ball gowns though were never ignored. People found ways to wear ball gowns to different functions one of which was the main wedding function where the bride wear a gown which is a must. This tradition has never been out of sight. It has always been a bench mark in the Christian wedding history. The brides wear white gowns and this differentiates the brides from other women. Other girls also wear gowns some of which are called the bridesmaid dress gowns.


The traditional ball gown is also a favorite dress and worn by the graduating batch at prom parties. Young girls wear ball gowns of different colors to prom parties and nominate themselves for the title of prom queen reviving the royal traditions from England.


Then there are the lace gowns which are one of the most elegant looking gowns. The shoulder areas are laced with beautiful embroidery. These gowns are not limited to one occasion but can be worn on several occasions like weddings, proms, themed parties. Another occasion where you can wear a laced gown with a glossy fabric mix is the royal masquerade party. Such parties are a reflection of the royal balls where the royal family members would cover their faces with masks and dance with random partners.


Then comes the category of the red carpet gowns that are the public favorites. All year round people wait for the Oscars and other such red carpet functions where celebrities flaunt their styles in beautifully designed ball gowns and other gowns. These styles then become popular amongst the people. 


Ball gowns come in variations with different cuts and styles. These gowns are made out of various fabrics which include silks, nets, lace and many others. It depends on the choice and the occasion of the wearer to select a gown for them self. The gowns with tight fittings look lovely on smart bodies. The bodies that have bulging fat on them would look better in a more covered gown.


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