Beauty Chic Trends of Earrings for Women

Everything has its own importance and nothing in the world can suppress their importance. For instance, in a woman`s life there are a number of things that make them look complete. From clothing to bags, from shoes to accessories, everything stands at an important point. Now lets take a close look into what kind of accessories every woman should be loaded with. Any guess, well, yes, it’s a pair of earrings. Earrings can be worn at any place at any time. From work to university, irrespective of your profession, earrings add spark in every woman`s look. 

Earrings have a huge variety as they are not to be worn just for any specific occasion. They are worn by working women as well as stayed up moms. For instance, women who go to their office daily need to carry a very decent and elegant look, therefore for them small studs work well. On the other hand big glittery earrings are designed for special occasions like dinner parties, weddings, etc. experts have defined some guidelines and tips related to earrings. Let's dig out the information that will indeed help us to select the best pair of earrings.


Face shape: the shape of a woman's face can make a huge difference in the selection of a perfect pair of earrings. For instance round shape faces can have problems with studs and think shape earrings. For them, long earrings with soft curves will look perfect. Women with oval shape can wear any type of earrings as every shape will look good on them. Similarly for square shape face, short drop and small hoop earrings will look perfect.


Selection of earrings as per occasion: there are some types of earrings that can be worn at almost everywhere. Like some droplets and studs will go in almost every situation. However, never wear long glittery earrings at your workplace. They will not give a look that is required as per the work setting. At workplace small studs will look best. Even simple pearl earrings look so elegant at the workplace.  Similarly for dinners and night parties, long glittery earrings will look perfect.


The classier the best: it is rightly said, classic designs of earrings look good on every occasion, whether at workplace or on a date, they have their own class that steals away everyone`s attention.


Add color in your earrings: golden and silver earrings look amazing, but it is also good to add some colors and brighten up your face. There are stones of different colors, when embedded in earrings they look just breath taking.


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