Best 10 Plus Size Clothing Ideas

Firstly, I want you to believe that no matter what size you are, no matter what people call you, you still feel confident about your body and know that you are beautiful. There is a variety of dresses, tops, bodysuits and what not for a plus size woman.


If you are tired finding the right outfits for you then here you go… here are some rules you definitely need to know.


Collect a few button-down shirts: A very foolish myth exists that button-down shirts make your body fat look prominent. But the fact is that button-down shirts complement curves! The best way to pull off a button-down shirt is to pair it up with a jacket or a cardigan as it will cover your midsection and make you look a bit thinner. Look for a jacket with a classy design or the one with details on it a pair it up with a pair of denim.


Bright coloured dresses won’t look bad on you: If you think wearing bright coloured dresses and floral prints will gain a lot of attention and people will notice your fat body… you are wrong. If the cut of piece of clothing you are picking for yourself, blood red colour will also look good on a plus sized woman. Team up a bright coloured dress with decent accessories.


Avoid white tops: Many fashion divas believe that wearing white makes you look a bit over weight. Pick fabrics that will hide the bumps and show the parts of your body that make you look bold and sexy. But that might not be the same case for every plus size woman out there and if you think white is your colour then pull it off with style because nothing can stop you girl!


Show up in different fabrics and colours: Monochrome dressing might look a little over and not suitable for your size so idea of mix-matching your outfit is a really good one. Some girls really love nude colours but pair them up the wrong way. Make sure the nude colour you pick for yourself is not the same as your skin because it gives a disturbed appearance.


At the end here is a suggestion for you. Do not believe people who tell you that you have made a bad outfit choice. Know what looks best on you and what makes you feel confident.


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