Best Stylish Tips For a Pear Shaped Body

Dressing according to your body shape is very important. If you have a pear shaped body that means your lower body area is broader then your shoulders and you most probably have a smaller bust line as well. The steps that you need to follow while dressing up for a pear shaped body are the following.


You should always choose tops in bright colors and prints. While dressing up for a pear shape bodies your focus must be on the upper area of your body the area above your waist. You need to draw attention towards the torso and away from the thighs. Wear bold colors and big prints these make shoulders look broader creating an illusion.


Another feature is to wear the right neckline. Certain necklines create the illusion of broader shoulder and they emphasize the bust. Wide necklines such as the boat necks and the scoop necks make the shoulders look wider. Necklines like sweetheart necklines draw attention to the bust making them look fuller.  Strapless and off shoulder tops can also help make the shoulders look broader.


The fitting of the clothes is very important in this case.  Outfits that are tight around the waist portray going an hour glass figure. If you are going for loose shirts then make sure they are longer in length so that they cover your hips and thighs. Try to accomplish the right combination of tight and loose to put more focus on your waist.


Layer your clothes that is wear clothes that have layers on the torso so that they will help make your shoulders and bust look broader. You can use layers of tank tops, cardigans and blouses to create visual interest and to give the illusion of added size.


Try to wear shirts with embellishments on the neck. Shirts that have adornment near the neck elongate the shoulder and neckline. These shirts can include the ones with beading, bows or collars near your neck . it doesn’t matter if they are large or small as both the sizes can accomplish the task of drawing attention to the torso. You can also wear a scarf for the same effect. A bright colored or printed scarf would do.


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