Best Swimwear for a Big Bust

We all want to look great in our swimwear. It is the most revealing clothing us ladies wear (outside of the bedroom) so want to make sure we are in the most flattering options, right? When you have larger breasts. shopping for a swimsuit that offers both support and beach chic can often be frustrating. 

You need swimwear that will lift your breasts without making them bulge out. You want to feel stylish but equally, you need to feel supported. Basically, you are looking for swimwear that will endure water sports activities, be fashionable and on trend and make you feeling like a million dollars when you slip off your sarong. 

We want you to know that hope is not lost. In fact, more and more retailers are providing gorgeous swimsuits and bikinis that not only support an ample chest, they flatter it. Yes, that is right! There is a plethora of choice out there for women with large busts but the key is to know what suits you and your frame best. We are here to help you in your pursuit of the perfect swimwear with our top tips below. You're Welcome :) 

Underwire is a MUST of course, but straps are also a big consideration. Halternecks are a perfect option for a big bosom. They are often thicker, providing more support, and can be tightened to draw the chest in or provide more room where necessary.

Conventional bikini tops generally do not fit a large bust so it is well worth looking out for bras that have been specially designed with big boobs in mind. There are some surprising options that we assure you will work well for you. 

Do not be afraid of a plunging neckline. Elegant criss-cross designs and bold colors are great ways to draw attention to the whole look rather than just the cleavage area. There are many fabulous options that provide sex appeal alongside sophistication. 

When it comes to stripes and patterns — mix them up. Diagonal lines across the chest are neither enlarging nor thinning. They work perfectly. Try matching solid block colors with bright patterns, the two tones complement each other when worn on a fuller figure. 

Check out our favorite swimwear for a large bust inspired by the big boob elite. AND if you purchase anything in store— post a selfie wearing your purchase to any our social media account with the #hashtag #ZefinkaOutfits and we'll give you could win your cash back to spend it again! Even more, ways to save.

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