California Dreaming: What to Wear in the Golden State

Just like the fine French Fillies and preppy British Beauties, California Girl's have their own brand of style. With lots of vintage vibes and tributes to past decades, the west coast ladies are most certainly a worthwhile fashion trend to follow and copy, when summer days are on their way. 


From San Francisco to San Diego, what is clear when looking at the style in California, is their use of bold colors and big patterns and prints. They have a passion for fashion and it is hard to distinguish the many celebrities that walk the streets compared to your average golden state native.  




Bohemian colors and prints feature heavily along the 900mile coastline and are worn effortlessly by their free thinking and fun loving wearers. As the sun-kissed residents of Californian enjoy glorious sunshine all year round, the loose light material that is linked with the boho fashion scene is perfect for keeping cool but looking hot. The bohemian accessories — of which there is an abundance — are a simple, quick and effortless way to dress up an outfit.


It is not all boho and beads though. These ladies have taken the modern and classic and put their own spin on things. Trend gaining Jumpsuits are the perfect choice for a confident Californian. There is such a choice of prints, patterns and flattering cuts that the average one-piece can be paired with flats, heels, head scarf and jewelry to provide 5 different outfits from one purchase. Ideal! 


A classic tee and shorts are a staple in the wardrobe of our west coast hotties, and they pull off this casual, comfy look off with style and flare. Embroidered stitching, luscious lace, funky hemlines and a unique, but not confused, mix of clothing all mount up to an outfit that has now become iconic to the daisy dukes, bikini's on top, sun-kissed skin of the California Girls.   


Are you a California girl? We would love to hear about what you wear. Have we captured the essence of your fashion sense? Take a selfie and post it to our social media. 
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