12 Looks of Casual Summer Dresses - How to Layer Them Perfectly

Summer days can’t go by without casual dresses that are comfortable, made to keep you feeling light and fresh, and still make you look your best. There is an endless variety of casual summer dresses available in the market ranging from mini dresses to long flowy ones. These dresses come in various fabrics and materials including linen, cotton, mixed materials, and other fabrics that are made to be light and comfy. Apart from the fabric variety, there’s also a variety in style and design – you can opt for your favorite color, choose a unique pattern, go for classic stripes or polka dots, floral prints, or anything else! Whichever style and fabric you choose, having a favorite summertime casual dress is a must-have for any woman!


If you’re wondering how you can best layer and style your day dress, here are a few popular summer dresses described with the best ways to layer them:


With Plain Light Sweaters: If it’s a little windy or chilly out and you still want to wear your casual dress, put on a matching or contrasting light sweater for a cute and comfy look.


With Vests: Half, mini, or full vests are made to be paired with light and casual dresses! It’s always a good idea to pair your dress with a jean vest or perhaps a black sweater vest.


With Belts: Pulling a cute belt around your waist or beneath your bust on your casual dress can accentuate your figure and give your casual dress a little more dressed up look!


With Skirts: Mini summer dresses are perfect to pair with the skirts in your wardrobe. Tuck the dress in the skirt and pair with cute shoes to match.


With Leggings: If you don’t feel like leaving your legs bare, leggings are your best friend. They go nicely with any casual dress and if you want to tone the look up a notch, choose a pair of cute or funky leggings to complete give your look a makeover.


Of course, day dresses are often intended to be worn as they are without any add-ons so you can always choose to go without any layers at all and still look cute and chic!


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