Casual Summer Dresses & Layering Them Perfectly

Summer days need casual dresses that are comfortable, made lightweight to keep you feeling fresh, and still make you look your best. There is an endless variety of gorgeous summer dresses available in our store ranging from mini dresses to long flowy maxi ones. These dresses come in various fabrics and materials including cotton, linen, bohemian lace, and the increasingly popular sheer that are made to be light and comfy. Apart from the fabric variety, there’s also a large variety of styles and designs – you can choose your favorite color, go for a unique pattern, stay classic with stripes or polka dots, floral prints, or anything else! Whichever style and fabric you choose, having a few easy go-to summer dresses is a must-have for any woman!

If you’re wondering how you can best layer and style your summer dress, here are a few fashion tips on popular tried and tested looks and are easy to pull off. 

With Plain Light-weight Sweaters: If it’s a little windy or chilly out and you still want to wear your summer dress, put on a matching or contrasting light-weight sweater for a cute and comfy look. Add a satchel and you will start to edge towards the preppy style that is popular with the Millennials and Generation Z.

With Vests or Tanks: Want something a little more edgy that your standard strappy dress? Half, mini, or full vests are a great pairing with casual dresses! Pick up a slogan rock sleeveless tank or think about a plain white ribbed vest to a stylish look. If you have toned or muscular arms these tops under or over your summer dress really accentuate them. 

With Belts: Pulling a belt around your waist or beneath your bust on your casual summer dress draws in your waistlines and accentuates the womanly figure. It can also be a good way to create little more of a dressed up look! (Excuse the pun) Rhinestone studded or embellished belts glisten in the sunshine and add a little glamour. 

With Shirts: Mini summer dresses are perfect to pair with an oversized shirt. It is a casual look that is often quite seductive in appearance. Simple throw it on unbuttoned, sitting lower than the dress hemline with classic DM's or tie it up into a midriff knot. Both are great styles and work well with your summer dress. 

With Leggings or Tights: If you don’t feel like leaving your legs bare, leggings or tights are your best friend. They go nicely with pretty any casual dress and if you want to tone the look up a notch, choose a pair of cute or funky leggings or tights to completely give your look a makeover. There are so many awesome options in our store from animal print to glitter weave — you will love this easy and affordable way of creating lots of outfits from one dress. 

With Silk or Satin Scarfs: What is super awesome about satin and silk scarfs are the variety of ways in which you can wear them. Traditionally around the neck of course, but also as a bandana, as head band, in your hair. around your wrist, tie to a strap or to a handbag. as a belt or through belt loops. So many ideas from one item. 

Of course, summer dresses are intended to be worn as they are without any add-ons so you can always choose to go without any layers at all and still look cute and chic! But we hope that these layering fashion tips will have your experimenting and creating awesome new looks that feel and look A-MAZ-ING! 

Have a scroll through some our favorite summer dresses and how to layer them using our fashion tips above. And remember, we offer free of charge delivery worldwide. Your Welcome! 

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