Chic Daily Lookbook : Long Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses have been the topic of the discussion since many years. There have been a lot of variations in maxis and every season the maxi dress trend settles in with some new style. Sometimes we observe long maxis with a lot of flair to them in bright colors. Then came the trend of gold and vibrant colors with a plain dress underneath and a colored see through maxi on top of it in gold. 


The trend of wearing maxis to formal functions came in 2009 as the lengths of the dresses became longer. The lengths became very long as they literally touch the ankles and that is when the long maxis with tails came into fashion. The aura was for a lot of flair and long lengths. The outfit gave an overall royal look and became a popular trend.  Everyone wears them now starting from small children to young girls and brides. Some wear heavy long maxis others prefer bridal maxis and some maxis are just simple maxis with a lot of flair in them. The maxis replaced ghagras and gharara’s because they were more comfortable. They are easy to walk in even when they are longer than your own height.


The fashion industry is bringing constant variations to the sizes and designs of maxis. There are different cuts for every style and design. These maxis are easy to pair with jewelries and shoes.  


The maxi dress has also been a very popular trend in the west. They are a summer favorite dress in casual wear as they come in floral prints and look bright vibrant and lovely. The western women wear summer hats with maxis and simple slippers to rock the perfect summer look for a casual day out or just a family picnic. It is something out of the ordinary for them.


In the western formal dresses long maxis also play a vital part especially when it comes to formal gatherings, dances or prom nights. Young women like to dress up in long maxi dresses to rock the English style formal look. These long dress maxis are worn because women think that they look very elegant in them. While wearing a long maxi dress one feels very special when you walk in them. They say the long maxi dresses come with a lot of delicacy  as you carefully push aside the fabric while you walk in them.


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