Top-12 Looks with The Classic Red Dresses

From celebrity runway shows to stunning ballroom events, formal dinners, romance book covers, and casual parties, red dresses are seen everywhere. Red, being a color of love and passion has prevailed as a fashion color and there’s no denying the sophistication and beauty that comes when you put on a red dress. Any wardrobe is incomplete without a red dress or two because they’re so universally loved and worn for various occasions. Here are a few occasions where you can absolutely rock a beautiful red dress:


Prom and Dances

Proms and dances literally call for you to pull out a red dress – they can make you look hot, flirty, elegant, and pretty all at the same time. Red is a common color but it’s one that still makes you stand out stunningly. If you don’t have a red dress, we suggest you get one today and look your ultimate best at a dance or prom night!


Valentine’s Day

Red is the color of Valentine’s Day so naturally, red dresses are most popular this time of the year. Whether you choose to wear a long sleek red dress to get that romantic look going or put on a short yet cute red dress to look the perfect amount of flirty, a red dress is your best friend on Valentine’s Day.


Date Nights

Since red is the color of love, wearing a red dress for your date gives the perfect encouraging look without looking odd or too much. We recommend a plain or simple red dress to make it look subtle and perfect for date night.



Pink and red are both colors to boast if you’re attending a wedding! They make you stand out and the best part is, it doesn’t matter if the wedding is a summer wedding or fall wedding – red is always the right color to put on!


Formal or Funky Parties

And lastly, classic red dresses are pretty much ideal for any formal or informal party. For formal parties like corporate dinners or family get together events, you can opt for a simple red dress and accentuate it with some accessories and heels. For informal parties, you can go for casual red dresses and maybe tone it up a notch with cute accessories and casual sandals.


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