Classy and Cozy Footwear : Top-10 Summer Lookbooks

Imagine wearing an expensive and ravishing dress but what if you don’t wear matched and classy footwear with it? Even if you think that footwear does not play any important role in making you look great, the truth is that they actually make a major impact. In fact, some people have a habit to judge others by what kind of footwear they are wearing. Also, when you look at someone, you just don’t check out their dress but other stuff as well including footwear. Hence, it is not okay to wear unmatched footwear or not paying enough attention to them.


Every woman wants to look beautiful and perfect from head to toe whether it is about their dress, hair or footwear. Following are the latest footwear which you can try!


·         If you are wearing a knee length dress, wearing platform boots with it is the best option. For example, if you are wearing a black and white dress, go for black boots which give you overall classy looks.


·         Kitten heels are also very trendy these days. Women who don’t prefer high heels must go for this one! They are easy to wear and you can walk comfortably while wearing them.


·         If you are going to wear leggings today then try boots with them. Not the high heel boots but flat one which are comfortable and classy at the same time.


·         Two colored boots are also in fashion. If you are wearing a two colored dress then choosing this kind of boots is the best decision to make.


·         This summer, wear babouches as they are comfortable and casual. Going to the beach? Or going to your grandma’s to spend vacations? Do not forget to buy these footwear.


·         Try some jet set heels for the upcoming event which makes you look sexy.


So next time, you are planning what dress to wear, think about footwear as well because footwear are as important as any other accessory.


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