Coachella Celebrity Outfits to Copy

When it comes to the Coachella festival, our heads are always turned by the celebrity fashion. They have the bucks to buy their style (and designer gear) but we have the down to earth fashion guru's and their know-how so you copy their outfits at a fraction of the cost. If you are looking to recreate some of Coachella's most desirable looks, we have all you need. 

Models, IT girls, musicians and actors flock to Coachella every year and we can rely on them to bring their fashion A-game. From crochet to rhinestone crusted and everything bohemian in-between, Coachella is the festival to really have fun with your outfits, hair, make-up, nails and accessories. 

The heat means that you do not need to worry about wrapping up in layers. BUT, it doesn't mean placing everything your mama gave you on display either. Sure some girls are comfortable with having their most intimate areas on show but we say; stay classy. You can flash some flesh and top up your tan without revealing too much. In some cases, and we know you have seen them too, it's just a little unsightly. Wear what suits your body and frame, it will be far more stylish. 

Bring the bohemian vibes in all their care free, spirited glory. Do you want to dress more boho in your city surburbs but think the look is out of place there? At Coachella you can be the bohemia princess you always want to be. Or are you more of a rock glam chick? Coachella's “anything goes” attitude means you can really go all-in on your favorite look. 

Glitter and colorful body paint is also a popular trend at Coachella and this is probably our favorite fashion look at the festival. Bodies painted in rainbow colors. Hair glistening under the sun and gold star freckles. Scenes of beaches painted onto arms and sunsets on legs, the creativity is endless and awesome! 

Our favorite celebs are big fans of a monochrome outfit. Mostly all white or all black, but we have seen some very vibrant examples of the years. Hot pinks, evergreen shades and royals blues are all topping the list. Add a few rhinestones or a leather jacket into the mix and you will look awesome. If you really want to get into the spirit of it, grab your self some feathers or strap up sandals. 

We have rounded up all our favourite celebrity Coachella outfits and how to copy them below. We hope they give you festival inspiration.

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