Complete Your Look with Necklaces : Top 10 Outfit Ideas

Trends and times have been changing and so has the fashion for different things. Its hard not to notice that as many things have come in and gone out of fashion the necklaces have had a constant place in the fashion industry and they just cant be put to a side especially when it come to formal looks.


Designers make it a point specially in the eastern societies to pair there dresses up with an elegant neck piece to draw attention to the details on the neck. Cleopatra was not only famous for her beauty but her necklace till this date is remembered and complemented every time its mentioned. So there’s a reason why people invest in necklaces and that reason is to Make A STATEMENT.


The question is what type of necklaces should one wear to own up to your style?


Depends on the society you live in: for the ones who live in conservative societies, it is highly recommended that they wear heavy necklaces made out of gold and big stones as the culture is rich with color. Although the eastern culture has a taste for pearls and diamonds too but the never ending trend has been set by gold which just never goes out of fashion.


If you are living in a posh place: then high end women usually prefer something light and casual such as a narrow pearl string. Pearls , diamonds, sapphires and emeralds are commonly seen worn by the western women.


The occasion: it highly depends on the occasion you are dressing up for. If it’s a formal occasion then you then you should wear a heavy necklace with a plain dress. the heavy necklace will complement the plain dress. Just be specific with the colors. And if it’s a casual gathering then go for something lighter like a string of pearls or a chain and pendant.


The outfit you are wearing: outfit plays the most important part in making the decision on which type of jewelry to wear. A choker with big stones would totally complement a simple plain silk dress  and on the other hand a rani haar with strings of kundan would also complement a simple dress. For eastern bridal wear katmalas are very common and they totally build up the look of the bride.


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